Apple: “future software release” will bring explicit permission for contact data

February 15, 2012 filed under Technology

Apple has officially responded to those problems with applications accessing, transmitting and storing user contact data without explicit permission. As John Paczkowski from AllThingsD writes, there’ll be a fix in an upcoming software update. Maybe even before iOS 5.1 will be released in March. Apps that use data from your adress book will require explicit user permission to do so in the future.

Apps that collect or transmit a user’s contact data without their prior permission are in violation of our guidelines. We’re working to make this even better for our customers, and as we have done with location services, any app wishing to access contact data will require explicit user approval in a future software release.

The next step for Beats Audio and their partnership with HTC is a streaming music service

February 15, 2012 filed under Services, Technology

As GigaOM reports HTC is working on a streaming music service, which will be shown at Mobile World Congress later this month. HTC decided to choose Jimmy Iovine as their partner, as several talks with companies like Spotify failed. This is way more likely than a PlayStation certified smartphone, as Pocket-Int reported yesterday. HTC wants to be back in the smartphone race, they lost ground in 2011. From a marketing perspective the partnership with Beats Audio and a streaming music service makes sense.

My sources say that HTC, which last year acquired a substantial stake in Beats Audio, a company started by  Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre, is said to be working with Iovine, a music industry iconoclast to develop a streaming service that will be offered as a default music client on HTC phones and tablets. My sources say that the company is still working on pricing plans and other details. It has long harbored ambitions of offering a music service on HTC devices, folks familiar with HTC say.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview will be available February 29th

February 15, 2012 filed under Technology

As Microsoft reposts with a one-liner in their press blog, the Windows 8 Consumer Preview will be available at the end of the month, February 29th. Watch our for the Mobile World Congress 2012 for further informations, this will be a big one combined with Windows Phone 8 later this year. So, if ou are a developer it’s time to submit your applications to the Microsoft Store, you can get more informations about that over here.

‘Nuff said! (OK, there’s a little more to say: watch for much more information about the Consumer Preview at the end of the month.)

Tim Cook about the future of the tablet market

February 15, 2012 filed under Market Development, Technology

Tim Cook spoke at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference on Tuesday, you can read the full interview with Bill Shope at Macworld or listen to the officiall audio webcast over here. Most people at Apple think – and most of them did this from the very beginnning – the tablet market will be bigger than the PC market, it’s just a matter of time. Innovation is coming from the tablets these days.

If we had a meeting today in this hotel and we invited everybody that’s working on the coolest PC apps to come to the meeting—you might not find anybody in the meeting! But if you did that same thing for iOS or that other operating system, and said everybody that’s working on this come, you couldn’t get everybody in those hotel. You’d have somebody covering every square inch here. That’s where the innovation here. That doesn’t mean the PC is going to die; I love the Mac! And the Mac is still growing, and I think it can still grow.

But I strongly believe the tablet market will surpass the unit sales of the PC market, and it’s just a matter of the rate and speed and time that that happens. It’s too much of a profound change in things not to, I think. Anyway, that’s my opinion—people can always disagree. I feel strongly about it, if you can’t tell.

Video: Best Of Web HD

December 12, 2011 filed under Videos

One of the best videos this year, you better watch it in HD and turn up the volume.

[youtube TXdsqWqR4ro]

Video: Beeri

November 2, 2011 filed under Fun, Videos

This one is crazy, but fun to watch.

Frau Merkel und das Apple iPhone 5

September 21, 2011 filed under Notes, Technology

Ein Artikel erhitzte gestern die Gemüter sämtlicher Blogger und da zähle ich mich übrigens auch dazu, denn Merkel sprach den Verlegern nicht nur ein Leistungsschutzrecht zu, sie wurde im Artikel bei der Financial Times Deutschland auch wie folgt zitiert:

“Was nützt es, der Schnellste zu sein, wenn dadurch Verlässlichkeit und Qualität leiden?”, sagte sie. “Qualität lässt sich durch Blogger nicht ersetzen.”

Eine Aussage, die sich im Internet rasend schnell verbreitete und unter anderem Berichte wie einen offenen Brief an Frau Merkel oder diesen von Denny Fischer zur Folge hatte. Heute folgte dann gleich ein Paradebeispiel, wie man es sich besser nicht hätte wünschen können. Wohlgemerkt nur ein Beispiel, es geht auch umgekehrt. more »

Super Mario game in a box

September 11, 2011 filed under Technology, Videos

To support ther Kickstarter projet, those guys behind  Teagueduino-Projekt released this video. So there’s only one last question: where can I get one?

Video: Tron Legacy 8-Bit Extended

September 6, 2011 filed under Videos

This one is quite old, but I found it somewhere in Instapaper and felt like I have to post it. It’s a must see for every 8-Bit lover, great soundtrack!

Short movie: Hambuster

August 16, 2011 filed under Videos

Great short film with some nice animations, which received some awards by the media.