Twitter is Apple’s preferred social network

February 16, 2012 filed under Social

With Apple OS X Mountain Lion comes Twitter, both decided to intensify their partnership and bring it to the next level. Twitter already saw a jump of 25 percent after iOS 5 was released, this summer they’ll get another push. Facebook, as the largest social network of the world, is still missing on Apple’s OS. This is a huge win for Twitter as MG Siegler notes.

More importantly, Twitter has now firmly established itself as not just the iOS go-to social service, but Apple’s go-to social service. Sure, Apple could always rip Twitter out of iOS and OS X at any point in the future, but doing so would now piss off users who are being trained to expect it as an Apple core OS feature. For a service still not making a ton of money and as such, has its future questioned constantly, this is important. It’s a huge endorsement.

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