Tim Cook about the future of the tablet market

February 15, 2012 filed under Market Development, Technology

Tim Cook spoke at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference on Tuesday, you can read the full interview with Bill Shope at Macworld or listen to the officiall audio webcast over here. Most people at Apple think – and most of them did this from the very beginnning – the tablet market will be bigger than the PC market, it’s just a matter of time. Innovation is coming from the tablets these days.

If we had a meeting today in this hotel and we invited everybody that’s working on the coolest PC apps to come to the meeting—you might not find anybody in the meeting! But if you did that same thing for iOS or that other operating system, and said everybody that’s working on this come, you couldn’t get everybody in those hotel. You’d have somebody covering every square inch here. That’s where the innovation here. That doesn’t mean the PC is going to die; I love the Mac! And the Mac is still growing, and I think it can still grow.

But I strongly believe the tablet market will surpass the unit sales of the PC market, and it’s just a matter of the rate and speed and time that that happens. It’s too much of a profound change in things not to, I think. Anyway, that’s my opinion—people can always disagree. I feel strongly about it, if you can’t tell.

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